Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Week In Marvel

It was worse than just a mixed bag with Marvel this week. Cho really pussed out and played mind games with Danvers rather than knocking her to the moon like Banner would have if he was the Hulk. Which kind throws a monkey wrench in Bendis portrayal of Banner, sure Banner tried to cure himself and went to others for help on this, but eventually when backed into a corner he came out fighting, I don't see him being a boy scout like Super-man and giving some one his kryptonite, if he was going to kill himself he would have done it already. Warlock's appearance in New Avengers 14 was the books best moment, I liked that fact that many of the corners of the Marvel Universe came together in this book, it felt cluttered like too much was going on to let any of it get anywhere. There was a little less of a cluster-fuck as they attempted to get Extraordinary X-men back on the tracks in it's 12th issue. Not sure how Majick was able to take her brother out like that? There might be hope for this book yet.The 9th issue of Ms. Marvel continues to find the book unimpressive and nothing really gets pushed further in the Civil War story. The Amazing Grace arc of Amazing Spider-Man kicked off in 1.6, and it was awful, story telling at it's worst like something out of a DC book. The fourth issue of Black Panther is boring as hell and further proof we should doubt if he can hold a movie together on his own.

The 7th issue of Captain Marvel continues to fail at pleading this characters case. There is no way that you can see what Carol is doing as being effective, much less right. X-men 92 was far from great but it was not the waste of time I was expecting. Another book getting a little better was Spider-Gwen whose 10th issue feels like it should. Thanks to the Kree Kid Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is back on track in it's 9th issue. The 5th issue of Mockingbird felt like Buffy, it didn't seem like her and I am not sure why Miles and Howard the Duck were in this issue. Another luke warm issue was the 9th issue of Drax, CM Punk writes like a bonehead and while i want some kind of throw down in every issue, he writes like you think a wrestler would.

The art work to Uncanny Avengers 11th issue is a big improvement. Vision really shows up and brings his a-game in a big way and it was cool seeing him Cap and Wasp, this made it feel like a real Avengers book, even more than All- New Avengers , which was another big fun battle issue, Uncanny just connected in a more genuine way.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The State of Marvel

Ok, it's getting harder and harder to write about comics as the characters I have grown up with are slowly getting edged out so here is this week and last week. Obviously this week is a big one and I'll get into it more in depth as the death of Bruce Banner deserves it's own post. There was not much else going on with Civil War three, they had Hawkeye take the fall for it. New Avengers caught up with the story the quickest. Hawkeye's team mates over there are tied up with this battle going on with SHIELD. But we know it's going to be AIM not SHIELD that comes out on top in the governments eyes. In Agents of SHIELD's 7th issue Coulson gets canned. Stark tried to recruit them. I am not sure at this point how can anyone not be on Stark's side, each week Danvers is made more of a bitch and who really gives a fuck about War-Machine at this point?

The 2nd issue of Spider-man's Civil War book, was a little meh, it focused on this Clash guy who is really a c-list villain at best. The second of Choosing Sides  was pretty much a waste of time with Nick Fury or some version of Nick Fury pretending to be Moon-knight. The Gods of War book was fun and I am looking forward to seeing a rampaging Hercules fuck some people up. The 10th issue of Gaurdians of the Galaxy might have seen the return of Angela, but it was just a jumbled mess of fighting with the Badoon, that felt like the end of the first Avengers movie. The 9th issue of Vision continues to take the book in a darker direction. Silk's 10th issue was a little bit of a letdown. She really was getting her but kicked by Black Cat, so not sure how her powers ebb.  The 8th issue of Old Man Logan was young Jean trying to show him everything is o.k. Things are not as fine in the all new X-Men even though that book is getting bogged down with the young Apocalypse.

Iron-Man's 11th issue was a little bit of a let down despite the art. At least this arc which really felt like it had nothing to do with Civil War is over . In other news, Marvel finds themselves once again at odd with the fans while trying to push their agenda, in a survey in regards to Iron-Man being replaced 62 percent were against it, with 19 on the fence and less than twenty percent in favor, once again proving how out of touch Marvel is with their fan base.

The first issue of Kingpin's Civil War book is pretty decent , even though the art leaves something to be desired. I like Fisk more than any of the heroes in the book.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Marvel Week of -6/29/16

Here's what was up with Marvel last's been rough recently. To be fair Black Panther has never had a decent solo book, so there is not a lot to expect from this, so I think people are impressed because, well...this is better than the other attempts, but the fact is Black Panther is a better supporting character than being able to hold down his own book...or movie for that matter which is why this will fail. The third issue tries to build up a supporting cast I can't care about and take the focus off the fact Black Panther is not interesting enough to carry this book. He could be, but the focus is not there.The 9th issue of Silk is a waste of time to get to some where that we could have covered in three issues back in the 80's. Captain Marvel's 6th issue is more un-needed back story leading into Civil War. Uncanny Im-humans does a much better job of advancing that story. Nothing is done to make you more sympathetic to Danvers side and I am looking forward to her getting her but kicked by Stark. The 11th issue of Extraordinary X-men is rather convoluted and this Apocalypse Wars thing is rather silly. The 9th issue of the Uncanny X-men also gets dragged into this. Spider-Gwen is about as dumb as it gets and the fact Marvel's editors let it out of the gate shows how the quality control has spun out of control.

The 5th issue of Spider-man is pretty damned good. Black Cat feels better here. Jessica Jones is in the mix, so we have some interesting things transpiring with good art to go with it.The second issue of Captain America makes more sense of the Hydra connection. Marvel are liars by trying to say he was not brain washed. Lets get this straight. If the Cosmic Cube, changes your memories and creates another lifetime in your head, you have been brainwashed. Hyperion's 4th issue is alright, look forward to seeing what they do with Thundra.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last Week in Marvel 6/22/2016

The 8th issue of the Ultimates was a waste of time as they keep re-telling events we have already seen and not really offering much difference in perspective than what we have already seen though that is their intention here. The 8th issue of the Mighty Thor continues to underwhelm. the next arc they are building into promises to be another snooze fest, if she is facing off against a woman who shoots gold bullets and the Silver Samurai , sounds like more fitting foes for X-23. Sadly Scarlet Witch continues to be a terrible book. The 7th issue is a drab bore. The art obtuse. This is one of my favorite Marvel characters getting mistreated here. The 8th issue of Ms. Marvel has no redeeming qualities. You just just chose  not to read Civil War Choosing Sides, as it's a waste of time.

The tenth issue of Sam Wilson Captain America is racist in it's attempt to not be racist as only the black superheroes got together to discuss WarMachine's funeral when the character has many other friends and some of the character shown here were hardly around him, when Black Widow or Hawkeye might have been more fitting. Some one should have asked ,where were you when the west coast Avengers were around. I don't like where Totally Awesome Hulk is heading, even with Bruce Banner back, I am glad the sales of this book are going down the drain it's time the fan's voice spoke louder than Marvel's sjw agenda.

Uncanny Avengers is getting a little better, not sure about this Ultronized Hank Pym, like the art work and at least the are trying to recapture and Avengers feel. The fifth issue of Power-man and Iron-fist was, fun, nothing ground breaking the book seems to be trying to find direction. Dr Strange's ninth issue was pretty good, I am still unsure why Scarlet Witch needs weapons when she has mutant abilities that are not dependent on external sources to generate magick, and why this hasn't been brought up or how everything seems to be working fine in her solo book.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Weeks of Marvel

Here is a little catching up. First off the second issue of Civil War 2 is better than the first though I do not like what I think is going to happen with Bruce Banner. If Carol Danvers kills him, before he can turn into the Hulk, I'm contemplating just giving up on comics all together. I mean then only Dr. Strange will be left of my top 3 characters since Thor is still m.i.a. I like how Stark took down the In-Humans. Karnak's depiction in every other book that is not his is better than what happened in his solo book. Speaking of In-Humans , both their books were just terrible. Trying to go with these more "diverse" In-Humans instead of focusing on the core is really weakening them. You want an In-Humans book, get Gorgon out of the wheel-chair, then focus on Triton, Karnak, Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal and Maximus. Sure I'll give you Lash, but none of the others are worth a damn. The cross over in Squadron Supreme, was a fake out if you were to judge the book by it's cover.

The 8th issue of Venom Space Knight, was a little bit of a let down. The new art falls really short of where the old artist held the bar and Flash chasing after Venom, was on the lame side. The second issue of Thunderbolts was really weird the art looked like it was from a 90s comic and now the In-humans are coming out of no-where not sure how much sense it made. The other lets down were the Amazing Spider-man which saw very little Parker and more Regent than anything. Vote Loki's first issue is pretty pointless as was both the obtuse Spider-Gwen and Black Widow.

The 12th issue of New Avengers is a big improvement, the art is great. Squirrel Girl is back to being drawn relatively hot instead of looking like a teenage lesbian. The arc with Dum Dum, might drag this book in a weird place unless they have a show down with the Howling Commandos. I am a little confused with where this falls with the death of magic arc over in Dr. Strange, I am assuming, that was resolved by this point?  The first issue of the "Gods of War" series of Civil War, was fun and pretty much picks up where Hercules left off. The art is very suited for the story being told though the Cho-Hulk is drawn a little oddly. One of the best books over the past couple of weeks was Ant-man, whose 9th issue told a charming story without risking becoming a cliche.  Civil War X-men was much better than Uncanny.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week in Marvel : 6/1/16

So there are a few holes in Civil War 2, why are X-men or any mutants around In-humans when they have this virus thing going around? We certainly know Dazzler was supposed to be infected by it, not to mention how screwed up is continuity here. We just saw Jen hulking out big time over in A-Force which was mildly entertaining if not cartoonish, but she just died. I am not sure the battle lines and what they are fighting for this time around is as compelling or well written as it was in the first Civil War, but sequels very rarely are. When it comes to the deaths in this issue their editor was talking to Comic Book Resources and the focus was not on She-Hulk, but the fact they killed War Machine who is black. This is where one you start pandering to someone, you can never stop. Now the cries of don't green lives matter? or what about the fact She-Hulk is the strongest woman in Marvel, what does that say to women, it's not ok to kill off a black man, but ok to kill strong women, come on feminists get on this.

Amazing Spider-man's 13th issue got a little silly with the fight be-tween Peter and Iron-man. Then it shifts to Miles and Regent. All New Wolverine finds the book losing a little gas, why does Shield care about logan being in Fing Fang Foom's stomach and why is he in there in the first place are all questions for this issue. We just saw him over with the Cho-Hulk, so the dragon should be off somewhere else. Get it together Marvel. The 10th issue of Iron-man is a litte precise with it's narrative, but makes it hard for me to really care about any of these character even though the art is awesome.

The All New Avengers has a gotten a little better with it's 10th issue, they are on a quest to find Sam's dad, for reasons not really spelled out. Annihilus is revealed as the new big bag, I suppose they are in the Negative Zone now. The kids didn't annoy me too much, their voices were sometimes shaky. The Omega Issue of Spider- Women is pretty good.  I like how the fact Gwen never learned how to throw a real punch is brought up, that is something I have often wondered with many heroes. Old Man Logan got by on the art on brutality of the 7th issue and is perhaps a glimpse into what the 3rd Wolverine solo film will be like. Speaking of brutal that is one thing the second issue of the Punisher had going for , but not much else in the way of story. Moon Knight is managing to be much more interesting in it's dive into Marc Spector's twisted mind.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Week In Marvel 5/25/16

Obviously an entire post- could have been written about how stupid Captain America being an Agent of Hydra is. It spits in the face not only of canon, but the legacy of Marvel and goes to show how as long as they are making money from the movies they feel like they can spit in the faces of the fans who put them their to begin with. What a fucking mess to clean up, you think things like the Clone Saga and One More Day would teach them a lesson in fucking up comics. It took something this big and dumb to almost make the six issue of Totally Awesome Hulk seem worthwhile. The art was terrible and cover misleading , no actual throw down takes place, and seems like a good thing one doesn't as this Cho-hulk is a damn pussy. I am not sure he can get angry enough to beat Foster-Thor. I tried to read the 12th issue of Deadpool and it was an obtuse mess. Ms. Marvel's 7th issue finds the book continuing to be a waster of paper. Her and Miles run around school without their costumes most of the issue.

Dr. Strange was alright, though Scarlet Witch doesn't need magic for her powers, she's a mutant ...depending on how you want to ret-con it even a In-human. So why was she reduced to acting a human? Too bad they had to wait five issues for the writing in Red Wolf to pay off. Not that the character really has a lot to stand on in order to support his own book.