Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This Week in Marvel 5/18/16

I won't really get into the mixed bag that is the casting of Thor 3 aside from stating the obvious that characters from Norse mythology should be least look Nordic. Karl Urban might have a good Skurge. Where is Balder? Jeff Goldbloom as the Grand Master is certainly priming the pump for the Infinity War. So now into the lean week of comics Power-man and Iron Fist's momentum is slowed by lack of attention to detail when it comes to the fight relying on flash backs and tried story telling cliches to end this story arc . Hopefully they can get this book back on track I feel like the art didn't do it any favors. Star Lord is 7th issue has decent art, but the problem is the focus on teen drama with Kitty, they should be adults by now so why don't they act like it when it comes to dating? Sure the Collector was sticking his nose into it, but Kitty seems more mature than how she is being written here. I passed on Karnak as it has been an obtuse bore and it might also surprise you to know I passed on Deadpool : the Last Days of Magic. it could offer only comic relief to the current Dr. Strange Story that it really doesn't need in the first place.  Yes if I am passing up on a comic book with Dr. Strange in it then I am back in Deadpool burnout mode again.

Sliver Surfer shows signs of improvement in it's 4th issue of this incarnation in that it is merged more with the Marvel Universe, but almost to the point of being silly. Did we really need a hundred guest stars ? The 6th issue of Old Man Logan proves that age is just a state of mind as it doesn't seem to slow him down when it comes to tearing apart a Reaver. The Astonishing Ant-Man's 8th issue has a lot of heart to serve as a great example of how to make a hip comic that would appeal to a younger crowd without having to abort the classic Marvel Universe. Uncanny Avengers fares pretty well in it's 9th issue the focus is on Rogue and Hank Pym who is back and fused with Ultron. The art seems improved. All New Wolverine looks to be entering the Civil War event on the right foot, though she is a little out of her league if she is going to go at it with Fing Fang Foom. The 7th issue of Squadron Supreme is an improvement though the entanglement with the In-Humans and the ret-conning of Toro is a little suspect.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This Week in Marvel 5/11/16

Agent Carter gets cancelled , which is fine by me the show was a snooze fest. Jessica Jones showed how a female lead can work, Carter showed how it can fail, it's really a role of the dice as to how Black Widow and Captain Marvel would pan out. I think the rule of thumb should be if you can't hold a solo title of your own, then a movie more than likely won't work either. This casts a grim light on Black Panther which I won't be seeing in the theaters. But now onto what matters the comics.The second issue of black Panther, supports my theory that Black panther will hard pressed to hold a movie together on his own as the second issue already lost considerable steam.

Deadpool's 11th issue is rough story wise. Magneto showing up was the best part otherwise this arc with Sabertooth was drawn out an issue too long. I'm still unsure about the new Wasp. The 9th issue of the All New Avengers, focus equally on Vision as it does the new Wasp, but it is Jarvis who makes it feel like an Avengers book.Time travel once again becomes a crutch for questionable writing in the All New X-men's 9th issue that finds Kid Apocalypse and Beast blown back in time to do what a better writer col have done with the character in this reality. The 7th issue of the Ultimates might have decent art, but it is a waste of time to just establish Thanos return and that the team disagrees leading into Civil War 2. The 6th issue of guardians OF infinity comes across like an 80's Space opera, a few shades better than Space Balls. Even more silly is the 7th issue of Web Warriors , which is the jumped shark when Ducktor Doom 2099 comes into play. While it' well drawn the 7th issue of Venom Space Knight has some holes in it's story. The 7th issue of Illuminati is a little bit of a mess as the team falls apart.

The second issue of Gwenpool is an improvement. Jane Foster Thor and MODOK helped the book out. But they are trying to make her their Harley Quinn.Uncanny Inhuman has a really well-written 8th issue that has a lot of heart and makes the Medusa & Johnny Storm thing make sense. Which is a much better use of flash back than what happens in Vision's 7th issue, when we are taken back into a history we already know.The 5th issue of Agents of Shield works pretty well in bringing Grant Ward in and makes good use of the Marvel Universe as it's back drop in a way that serves the comics much better than the show.Silk's 8th issue is decent enough, the whole Spider-women arc seems to be holding it back from telling the story the book wants to tell and the Black Cat arc needs to get some where.I do like the fact Black Cat is gaining some traction in the Spider-World lately.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Film Review : Captain America "Civil War"

When going into a comic book movie, I am not expecting the plot of  anything but a comic book. It could have turned into a cluster fuck, but in the end felt more like an Avenger's movie than a Captain America solo film. By and large the character's were well juggled. It is like the comic book event only in the feel of it's conflict. People online started saying well how does this effect Spider-man? It doesn't as the Accord the government comes up with is designed to only keep the Avengers in check, the Marvel Universe in the movies is better than the comics only in the sense Spider-Man is not an Avenger. Neither is Ant-man so when he winds up at the Raft, then it must be for destroying the plane when he turns into Giant -Man which is one of the films best moments. Evans has really settled into the role, as most of the actors who find this as their 6th installment in costume. Though War-Machine is one of the weakest portrayals. The Black Panther is cool to see on screen and has a large enough role, but he doesn't really prove himself. He never kicks any ones ass and instead gets kicked around more often than not. We get he is fast and can jump down from places to pounce like a cat, vibranium makes bullets bounce off his costume and his claws can scratch Cap's shield, but what can he do that Bucky can't do? In fact Bucky's cyborg arm is stronger than he is. Black Panther can only lift 800 lbs in the comics, so this makes sense. 

Spider-man gets a stronger introduction than Panther, and he is more of a major player so that makes sense. The hot aunt thing is beat into your face, but Holland gets right what Mcguire wanted to do.As for the rest of the gang Black Widow is consistent, Hawkeye gets better and both Scarlet Witch and the Vision prove without Thor or Hulk around they are the team's real power houses.There is the ret-conned, "I killed your father" moment,  you see coming though Zemo should have put a mask on as he could have been the Chameleon by framing Bucky. I am sure the over all spectacle eclipsed the easter eggs. So far the Marvel movies have yet to acknowledge the Net Flix shows and really considering the scale of the problems normally face vs things like organized crime the overlap might not be needed until, Spider-man's solo film. The motives for sides being chosen, given the fact Stark went into Senate hearings in the previous movies saying they could not take the suit since he was Iron-man, were a little forced. But the well paced action and bit super-hero throw down made it worthwhile. 

In fact it almost felt like the final show down was anti-climatic, even with the reveal about Barnes after the fight with Giant-man. I think both Spider-man and Ant-man stole the show in this regard and made every aside from Vision look a little silly. Black Panther did not do well at all in this regard. I think he deserves to be on screen, but doubt he can really hold his own movie. Though now Spider-man is making me re-think my statement Dr. Strange will be the last great Marvel film, Black Panther with be their next big flop for sure and not even Thanos can save where the franchise will head, so this serves as a good reminder as to what a super hero film can and should be ... fun. 

The Week In Marvel

Of course the hype for Civil War is at a fever pitch both in the comics and on screen. One thing Marvel has not been pressed on yet is not why they are revamping a story line, but the obvious fact of marketing and the timing it's being released while a movie of the same name is coming out, which is very shameless. The bar couldn't be set any lower when it comes to what happened on page in the Free Comic Book Day first issue of Civil War. Thanos showing up can just be a random happenstance here. Its the Ultimates, In-humans, well three of them and Human Torch and a few members of A-Force vs Thanos. Despite the causalities of She-Hulk and War Machine they are able to do pretty well against him, with Captain Marvel being able to fell him with a punch after he quickly killed War-machine and She-hulk, that makes no sense. The 10th issue of Spider-Man 2099 is also a little dull, though looks like it could improve with this version of the Sinister Six. Even though I knew better I threw away precious moments of my life to read the first issue of Gwen Pool, Howard the Duck teams up with her, it has nothing to do with Deadpool. While it still tires too hard it looks like by the 5th issue A-Force is moving in a better direction. Nova's 7th issue kinds drops the ball. The clone father sacrafices himself and who cares.

Moonknight's 2nd issue finds the book just now beginning to take off and if it had been written in the 70s or 80s all of this narrative would have been condensed into the first issue. The 6th issue of Scarlet Witch is a waste of time story wise, who really gives a shit about a french version of Angel? Spider-Gwen is a mixed bag and seems to focus more on Silk, who is just a more interesting character.The third issue of X-men 92, finds Storm able to scare away Dracula, and the whole book really becoming a joke vampires and all. The 7th issue of the All- New In-Humans, is a terrible bore. Great art can't save the 9th issue of Invincible Iron Man. The 3rd issue of Black Widow finds the book losing a little steam making it all the more amazing that Marvel thinks she can support her own movie. The sixth issue of Drax introduces one of the worst super -villians in some time Killer Thrill, who is like Gamora meets Tank- Girl.

The Free-Comic Book day issue of Captain America is much better than Civil War , though it is a little cluttered with too many Falcon's. It surpasses the 9th issue of the  Sam Wilson version of the title. This has Sam getting his butt kicked by Misty Knight in a frustrated sparring match. I am failing to see the point in the book and can't imagine it will retain it's audience if forced to pick between forking over cash for this or Steve Rogers. The 12th issue of Amazing Spider-man seems much better due to the fact the Zodiac are not in it. The inclusion of Mary Jane Watson into the Iron Man world seems very forced.

Monday, May 2, 2016

This Week In Marvel 4/27/16

Marvel got blasted for "white-washing” in the casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One and came out and said they did so because they did not want to offend China. The international movie dollar must make the decisions rather than casting some one who is best for the role. Offended that Tilda is in the role can share in the disdain the rest of us feel when Marvel makes poor casting choices for Heimdall or Sam Wilson taking on the mantle of Captain America which was a move done to market product much like this casting of Swinton. But enough of that lets get onto the comics. More this week can be called into question than praised. While its showing improvement the book remains not a tightly written as it could be Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur stomps on with a plot in it's 6th issue that feels like it could have been a more action packed story told in half the time. I am a little unsure about the 6th issue of Daredevil that brings in Elektra. Her motives seem skewed. She is also missing her booty and too think like the Netflix show. I'm glad Angela Queen of Hel came to an end, just when I was beginning to like that character some writer had to go muck things up by forcing in their lesbian agenda. Speaking of lesbians all the women heroes in Hell Cat continue to be drawn to look like lesbians. The series 5th issue finds itself floundering with Patsy doing very little and She-Hulk doing most of the work. It is not as big of a mess as the 6th issue of the Ultimates that finds Galactus punching cosmic beings and meeting with the Molecule Man, but the team the book is named after is no where to be found. The art is excellent and deserves a much better story to support.

There is a little hope in Amazing Spider man as arduous battle with Zodiac comes to an end in 11th issue. 11 issues guys really that could have been done in four at the most. Even this issue was clunky in its narrative. It looks like Dr. Octopus might be making a comeback as well. Starlord's 6th issue is just plain silly. IT depicts both he and Kitty as being about as mature as teenagers.  The 6th issue of the Squadron Supreme shows the book turning the team’s sights on the In-humans. It is not the most compelling beginning looking at how problems between Dr. Spectrum and Black Bolt began. It really depends on what In-humans are going to be in the throw down, I think Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton, Karnak and Crystal don't have as good of a chance without Gorgon and perhaps Lash. Ms. Marvel gets better in it's 6th issue, but is poorly pace and leaves the major plot points hanging when the wedding could have been a page and everything tied up in a bow. They do begin to show the tension with Danvers and Stark.  Old Man Logan seems like the beginning of a Clint Eastwood movie I have already seen so the 5th issue is exposition with little action.

The wrap up of the Stand off on Pleasant Hill wraps things up by prepping you for the title to arise during civil and the birth of a new Quasar, whom it seems weird that she has an Earth based origin since she should be like Captain Marvel a less grounded character. Dr. Strange continues to kick ass and take names even if the good Dr. who is our protagonist is on the run and the first half of the book was back-story on the new Villain. Spidey's 5th issue re-tells stories we already know, it's a shame they have to go back to this era and can't just make Amazing Spider-man this good.

Friday, April 22, 2016

This Week in Marvel : 4/20/16

It was a really rough week for Marvel , books that started off good are now quickly going sour , the second issue of Power Man and Iron-fist being one of those. Uncanny Inhuman's pretty much wasted the issue on politics as if we are not getting enough of that on television these days. Loki spun a tall tale in Thor that is introducing some Hulk-viking, which sounds cool on paper until you realize we have too many Hulks already. The art was pretty terrible during his yarn, but at least Jane Foster was not in this issue. Captain Marvel's 4th issue was an improvement, the art doesn't do a lot for me, and it feels like an off shoot of Sar Trek the way its being written. The 5th issue of Guardians of Infinity is decent the art is great, so that makes up for a lot . The 6th issue of Nova is better than this series has been. the 7th issue of Silk was pretty good even with the inter dimensional mish mash and the alternate take on dr octopus. The third issue of Karnak was absolutely terrible. Sam Wilson's solo book which had as much Steve Rogers just proves Rogers is the dominate character and Sam is nothing more than a side kick when he is around Rogers, and that's how it should be. Do they really think college kids are going to relate to Starbrand and Night Mask? The 5th issue is alright for what it is, but I don't see this book lasting.

 I really couldn't make myself care about the 9th issue of Extraordinary X-men. This Apocalypse story line is boring me to tears at this point. Hyperion's 2nd issue didn't do much for me. Guardians of Infinity wasn't bad despite it was one villains monologue and not much else happening. The Totally Awesome Hulk saw the beginnings of  the air being let out of it's tires, the art was the best thing so the fact they are switching out artists for the current artist of Weird World doesn't feel right for that book. The Enchantress seemed to have too hard of a time enchanting Cho. Sure he might be smarter than Thor, but doesn't have the will power of a god. New Avengers which focuses on the Gamma Godzilla that chants USA when it fights giant robots was on of the better issues this week so that spells trouble.  Wow ! Nova might have been the best book this week. He fights his father or doppelganger or what ever the fuck is going on, which I suppose would be the one flaw in the writing there.

Friday, April 15, 2016

This Week In Marvel 3/13/16

The big news in Marvel this week is the trailer for Dr. Strange that was released on the Jimmy Kimmel show. When Kevin Fiege began initial talks about the movie, I remember him saying it was going to start with Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme it wasn't going to be an origin story and what do we get origin story. Before the trailer was released Fiege backtracked and said his origin was too classic to not be told. So this dashes my hopes that Strange would be one film to escape the formulaic superhero blue print. The casting as been great so far and it looks well made. I'm find with Tilda Swinton as the Ancient one. A little worried about Mads' makeup. I have gone on record as saying Dr. Strange will be the last great comic book movie. I might still be right if the origin is kept to only a few minutes more than what they showed in the trailer. Ten minutes of origin at most told trough flash backs would be the most effective. The first Star Wars movie threw you into the world and told you to figure it out. If you don't know who Dr. Strange is , then you have to be smart enough to know it's a super hero who deals with magic. If you need too much more than that then you are too dumb and need to do some magic of your own and make yourself disappear. If you haven't seen the trailer it's below now lets get to comics.

The second issue of X-men 92 get's silly, though anytime Dracula shows up I'm a fan. But the more comedic tone takes away from the horror elements which is what I'm afraid will make the next issue have even less of an impact.Web Warriors continues to be a waste of time even in the 6th issue which finds the art improved. This time there are too many Venoms, which add to the bloat that makes this book feel like it was written by a D/C writer.  The art is on the slippery side, but as good of a cross-over with the Spider-women as this book ca be I still wouldn't say this is good as everything seems rushed or stalling, the flow of the story needs work. Of course the 5th issue of Weirdworld finds the book incapable of finding the fire that made the run so great during the Secret Wars the reason being no Akron, and this continues the prove the flaw of diversity, which is just have female leads, to have female leads doesn't mean it will work. If Valkyrie was the lead in this book it might work, but Akron  is what made the other book work, none of the these characters are shit, even Jennifer Kale is poorly written.While  it was entertaining watching the big Thing vs Surfer throw down in the books third issue, some of the more obtuse elements of the book keep it from being in the best pile. The Avengers show up and then Norin dies? For no reason? When I don't care about a book with She-hulk in it there is a problem an that is the problem with the fourth issue of A-Force. The art is meh, the story wraps up the arc they have been on, but does so in a very tangled way. Speaking of books with Hulks that are going down the drain the 7th issue of  Contest of Champions hears the gurgle of the sewer pipes come to life. The art has take a turn for the worst and this new story with the Ultimates just gets more contrived. The long drawn out battle against the Zodiac continues, though in the background more familiar Spider-man villains are assembling for promises to be the Sinister Six.In other poor Spider-man news aside from the waste of time that's Spidey,  His appearance in All- New  In-humans 6th issue was a waste, Crystal and Lockjaw were the only In-humans , I am not going to count Gorgon as long as he is in a wheel chair. I refused to read Gwen-pool because marrying Gwen Stacy to a character not even connected to her is beyond stupid. Agents of Shield told the same story we already read in New Avengers last week, but from a different perspective.

The 9th issue of Deadpool wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that great.The 7th issue of Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty decent with a Ben Grimm coming to save Rocket. The second time Grimm has really thrown down so he is getting a big push this week. The one thing that All -New  All-Different Avengers had going for it in the book's 8th issue was fun. They were escaping from  Wayward Pines, we had villains we had not seen in a minute squaring off against heroes that they had not really faced much before. I told myself this 5th issue of Red Wolf was going to be my last it it didn't improve and it improved, so I am stuck reading it. All- New X-men's 8th issue might be the week's best, it's a team up between Beast and Dr. Strange, they art is awesome and it fits well within the world of Dr. Strange currently being established.