Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Week In Marvel 2/10/16

The big even this week isn't on the shelves , but in theaters as Deadpool comes out. I am not going to see it opening weekend. In fact Dr. Strange might be the last Marvel movie I go to opening weekend. I'm not sure about Civil War, I think it's going to take the Avengers side of the coin into a bad direction. Super hero fatigue is going to be setting in soon after that one when those characters begin to be re-cast. The second issue of Shield, keeps with the tone of the show while setting things up for the Civil War 2 story that is coming. Overall it's a little on the luke warm side. The art doesn't help matters. Weird World has some wacky art, but a story I just can't care about, I will only keep reading it in hopes some one more interesting shows up, like Man-thing or Crystar. Another book with great art wasted on a boring story is the Ultimates.  Not a big fan of the Blue Marvel or the America girl, but you would think the others would do more than just support a Blue Marvel story, which is what the book is turning into. Black Knight loses some of it's charm in the 4th issue, there is only one left and the book is getting the plug pulled on it. I think it would have done better without some much of the Uncanny Avengers, as Dane becomes more of a supporting character.The 3rd issue of Red Wolf finds the book getting dull, they just need to bring in the Texas Rangers, since he was only good as a part of that team. Spider -Gwen has really gone down the toilet. I stopped reading the 5th issue mid way into it. The art is terrible and the story which is trying to be a Netflix drama already is overly dramatic and loses the voice of the main character. Ms Marvel really continues to be a waste of time, its a super hero comic book for people who don't like super hero comic books. Meaning poseurs...

The 4th issue of the All- New Hawkeye, finds the book going in a decent direction, though weighed down with too much back story on Kate Bishop, who really just needs to get put on New Avengers in Clint's place and let him have a solo book rather than trying to balance between two Hawkeyes as we get into the too many versions of the same archetype.
The 5th issue of All New Wolverine, is pretty decent even with the art working against it. Sure Wasp/ Ant-Man shrink down to go inside someone's body and save them is kind of played out concept, they pretty much make it work. One of the clones dies , which is fine by me as why do you need more X-23s running around , that is the problem we already have with too many version of the same hero running around. In All- New X-men X-23 was also the focus as the issue looked at her relationship with the new Angel and in the span of one issue trouble arose in paradise as he began to question her masochistic need to take her healing factor to the limit. Then a beat down from Blob, who I don't remember seeing for some time goes down.This is some of the weeks best art.  What All-New Avengers's fifth issue had going for might not have been what was intended. my take away is that Vision wised up and got the kids kicked off the team. The whole Equinox thing was on the dumber side of things since he is really a Marvel Team Up level of heel. I am glad Foster turned human, the perfect time to kill her off.  She also shows up in Illuminati's 4th issue another comic marred by flawed art, it's a heist plot that is losing a little of the steam.

So things were looking up a little  on the Hulk end. We saw more of Banner's fate in the 3rd issue of Totally Awesome.One of the few books with good comic book art these days. Fing Fang Foom, no longer talks for some reason. Then in this weeks issue of Old Man Logan, Cho-Hulk gets mistaken for the real deal, which you think Logan's nose would have picked up on, so that was a slight fail, but there fight is good and end like most Hulk vs Wolverines , with Logan getting his butt kicked in, despite his healing factor.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Week In Marvel 2/3/16

A-Force's second issue finds me becoming increasingly unimpressed with not only G Willow Wilson's writing, but knowledge of the Marvel Universe. She tries to make Medusa as powerful as She- Hulk and Medusa's whole head of ginger can only lift close to two tons on a good hair day. So how is that strong enough to throw a being the size of Galactus? The art needs works not sure why She-Hulk and Medusa were the same height. Dazzler surfaces, not sure about her new look and roller derby is not for the biggest pop star in the world who has managers that ensure her face as part of the contract. So too much suspension of disbelief on the basics.The Vision's 4th issue finds the book treading the same water as his wife keeps taking wrong turns every step of the way I appreciate that fact the book is dark, but I would rather have more of the actual Vision in it, this isn't a t.v drama where all the character arcs have to be given time, it's super heroes. Uncanny X-men begins to lose a little of its momentum in the third issue, though the plot is ironed out and Fantomex makes his appearance. If that is all you need from an X-men book then it might work a little better for you it just felt stiff to me.The 2nd issue of Captain Marvel, is not as good as the first , but it is still hands down better than anything Kelly Sue ever did.  I was going to skip the 4th issues Howard the Duck , but despite feeling more like an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy it was better than the first three. Dr. Strange lost some of it's magic in the latest issue, there was a little too much Wong. Not sure about the temple of monk's trained to absorb his karmic repercussions either.

The Invincible Iron - Man is trying real hard in it's 6th issue but is losing some of the momentum, Deodato is my favorite Marvel artist, but the colorist is working against him. Sure War-Machine has gotta show, but the actual Iron Man is stuck trading blows verbally with Victor Von Doom in a Waffle House. Thanks to Bendis Miles Morales , who I used to hate has now taken a place in the Marvel Universe that makes sense, the whole presentation is pretty endearing, but if Blackheart took out a whole team of Avengers Morales is not powerful or experienced enough to hang. But for a first issue it's a good read and might be the weeks best book. However, this doesn't mean that super-heroes are like Barbie and it's fine to three versions of each one in order to look politically correct and market it like Mickey Mouse, who Disney could tell Marvel the value of what makes Mickey an icon, because there is only one of him, sure there is Minnie, but she is not a girl mouse taking on the mantle of Mickey, like She- Hulk isn't a girl claiming to be the Hulk and Spider-woman is a entity unto herself never trying to replace Peter Parker. Silk is her own character and the best job they have done at making diversity make sense and more suited than Kamala Khan.Scarlet Witch is improved in its 3rd issue, different art she now doesn't look like a housewife.The 3rd issue of Guardians of Infinity is really strong, a big throw down and then a second story with Groot and Ben Grimm teaming up. Speaking of space books, not only was Nova more grounded in the most recent issue he was under grounded and trying to disrupt a civil war between the Mole Man's dynasty. The appearance of Miles and Kamala was a little forced, I think they just need to throw the three of them on a new incarnation of the New Warriors.

Friday, January 29, 2016

This Week in Marvel 1/27/16

First off lets get the big news that is really non news out of the way since it should come as no surprise that the Alex Ross cover of the All New Avengers fourth issue that got some hype as it fooled you into thinking that Sam Wilson and Jane Foster were going to be a thing. Given her taste in men, it seemed far fetched to begin with and the two have zero chemistry, when here motives for kissing him on solid ground not in the sky are vague, just a seize the moment shock value thing that doesn't even make sense when taken in context. The best moment aside from Vision schooling a 3rd string villain is the line by the civilians complaining about being save by the understudy Avengers to which the other replies "Where are the real ones, man the world is getting so politically correct these days." While the tension continues to grow with Marvel trolling their readers, take a look at message boards and it's obvious to readers this is becoming the case, which is only going to go so far. I for one am not buying comics any more for this reason and will only read them online or in the store and purposefully not buy them, with the first issue of the recent Dr. Strange being the only exception. I will buy issues when Thor...Odinson and Bruce Banner Hulk come back. But Marvel is pissing over their legacy for a feeble attempt to grab more money, that way they can do much like the trend of bringing back the originals, sell you an Asian ken doll or a white one. But super heroes are iconic because they are the only one who does what they do so it is devaluing their product.

Squirrel Girl continues to be a waste of time, they can't even keep to their own myths with the Dr .Doom thing. Venom Space Knight at least continues to wow you with the art where Carnage's solo book is now a mess and just a waste of time , if this is supposed to be a horror book there is nothing scary about. Spider- woman's 3rd issue sees the stupid pregnancy arc coming to a close. There was some interesting choices with the layout of the story that almost seems like clips from Family Circus, but they work and this is one of the better issues in the Ms. Drew book since she has been slapped in that stupid costume. While it's not bad and often endearing the 6th issue of Extraordinary X-men is not extraordinary. It is better than the first issue of Old Man Logan which seems unclear as to what world this is happening in and wasn't that the point of Secret Wars to get everyone on the same page. Another looming mess is in Angela Queen of Hel, though Hela's appearance might clear some things up. How Angela can hold her own against Bor is a mystery to me, but it is good to see the forced lesbianism on a character who wears a chastity belt pushed aside for a second for some sword play and that was not mean to be the pun it turned out to be. Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur might be getting better when the Cho-Hulk shows up in the next issue , but the current 3rd issue is really nothing to write home about. The New In-Humans  this week feels more like  a super hero book, book none of the characters are very engaging even Crystal so you could care less if they are walking into a trap or not.

The fourth issue of "Howling Commandos" finds the title pulling it together to make one of the best books of the weeks holding it's own if not better than most of Marvel's other team books and finds the book at a place where the story has arrived to take you off into what could be one of their staples if given the right push and aside from Man-thing these were characters I never ad any connection with. In the 3rd issue Daredevil continues to stay strong and finds his secret identity colliding once again with his work in tights.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Week in Marvel... we're back

We are back up in this bitch . Obviously I was doing what I had been doing in terms of reviewing comics for Geeknthings so it would have been redundant for me to replicate that, but Geeknthings is gone to ground for the time being and may or may not climb back out so it's time to pick up where we left off. The big news is Steve Rogers is coming back as Captain America, because diversity is just a marketing tool over at Marvel and with the new movie coming out of course he was going to be back, Jane Fosters Thor days will also come to an end when the next Thor movie comes out. Ok now for a look at this weeks comics there's some good new and bad news , lets get the bad news out of the way first.

The bad news is that the Uncanny Inhuman's finds the book becoming even more obtuse and less entertaining despite some great art in it's fourth issue. When Black Bolt's song asks Johnny Storm, why he is there it and he can't come up with an answers, because it's just so forced , his lack of an answer reflects the tone of the entire story. I'm also beginning to slip away from New Avengers in it's 5th issue , which the arc it's self is going to be dealing with the corruption of Wiccan and turning him into the Demi Urge.The 2nd issue of Starbrand and Nightmask, doesn't really do anything for me. I'm a little hesitant on how they are starting off Sliver Surfer, it's about as serious as an issue of Howard the Duck, which doesn't reflect a tone that is most fitting for the character.The art work is the same and Ben Grimmm looks to be making an appearence soon so there is a chance for improvement.

As much as I don't like Kamala Khan the 3rd issue of Ms. Marvel serves as a much better sales pitch for the character. Uncanny X-men's second issue has great art and brings Mystique to the forefront with Monet and Sabertooth not far behind. The mutant hunting in this issue is smartly written. Ant-man is better than most in its 4th issue and I can see it beginning to get bogged down in it's soap opera , as if the writer watches too much "House of Cards" and the more soap operatic parts are all they latch onto. This new Giant-man is just dumb all the way around. Even if I'm not too fond of the whole prequel thing, the vibe continues to improve in the 3rd issue of "Star Lord". The art is some of their best. Speaking of space, with Kelly Sue Deconnick gone from the book, Danvers is soaring higher than ever. Not sure yet how I feel about the Alpha Flight being her underlings , but I have always loved that team, so good to see them back in action in some capacity, even if I question the voice they are written with it's still and improvement. The third issue of Hercules is o.k, not mind blowing a little tired of him having to use guns, the art is pretty decent in this issue.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How Does Ant-man Measure Up?

Marvel is aware that despite being one of the founding Avengers they now Ant-man is about as well known to the general public who doesn't read the comics as Rocket Racoon and the concept is just a s willy to some people, so they tried to take a similar tone as Guardians  of the Galaxy. One of the things Marvel is doing since they are also aware if they approach the basic origin superhero formula in the same say it will accelerate the fatigue of the trend they are riding so they have tried to make each film fit a different mold, the first Capt America really stated this as that was their war film, Thor their epic Fantasy, the second Captain America, was their espionage movie, Guardians there space opera, with some of the other movies in-between those being allowed to be more comic centric. One can assume Dr. Strange with also be set aside in that way , but after that they might be in trouble. So Ant-man is their heist film. This Ocean 11 type element injected into the movie takes itself pretty seriously and the supposed humor that apologizes for being about a man makes himself the size of an ant is often counter balanced by this.

The humor really isn't that funny, I don't think I laughed the entire film, granted I generally did like comedies because much like Ant-man they try to hard to make you like and it ends up feeling very contrived.The huge Thomas the Tank Engine or the pet ant, seem to be a bit of a reach. For me where the film works is they allow Lang to keep his mask on. They do acknowledge that Hank Pym was originally Ant-man and they even show Wasp for about ten seconds as a flash back sequence. I am not sure why they didn't allow Hank Pym to be Ant-man rather than going with Scott Lang. Its another way Marvel has screwed themselves from being able to connect the dots with their own mythos. How can Wonder Man ever show up ?

Paul Rudd gets the job done. Douglas is also pretty decent as the aged Pym. Every one else is a little stiff. It takes thirty minutes before he gets the costume on, and while I like how that comes about , I think all origins should take place in the first ten minutes and then it's go time. I liked how it connected to Avengers two, Falcon's appearance was cool, and was it me of did his costume look a little red white and blue, which could lead to one of my fears about the prophetic tone the comics could be taking in order to work around actors contractual obligations and give Marvel a loop hole out of the Disney deal.

In the new politically correct world of geekdom, there have been questions about how Wasp was sidelined, how black and Hispanics are portrayed and I think if any stereotypes were played into it was done so with a reason that made sense for the story and you have to remember stereotypes get played into because there have been enough examples to justify them.  Hollywood works off archetypes, Yellow Jackets plays into some of the most run of the mill villain cliches.  He just hops into his suit and they  are at it , so I am not sure why Rudd had to train to used his and Yellow Jacket was able to pop it on and go. I am not sure why Marvel didn't show Pym as Giant Man  rather using the particles to make inanimate things bigger.

Quality wise some of the cgi did't hold up to the other movies when they are small everything is not as blended. They have elluded to the fact that the astral world of Dr strange is going to be like sub atomic world, which I hope is not the cas as it looks like a darker version of the dreamier Fortress of Solitude sequences from the Reeve era Super-man films.The ants at times were a little suspect and I was surprised that that element of his powers took so much focus , so I give them props for at least not downplaying that.

Was it fun? Sure and it didn't come across to much like "Honey I Shrunk the Avenger".  It was a pretty mixed bag and I am glad I didn't throw down the twelve bucks to see it in the theater and you should only do that if you have nothing better to do and too much money or a bug Scott Lang fan. As Superhero movies go I think it's better than Spider-man 3, Iron Man 2, Daredevil, the first Punisher, Catwoman, Dark Knight Rises, Electra, most of the Blade Sequels and Fantastic Four so use that as your barometer , after Dr. Strange it's only going to get worse from here as Captain Marvel comes across like My Super Ex Girl Friend and Black Panther the Captain Africa.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Avengers Age of Ultron

There might be some spoilers head as we look at the pros and cons of the Avengers sequel. I am not sure what movie some of the people who reviewed this movie as claims that Hawkeye is the hero of the movie and it's centered around him and Black Widow are pretty off base.

The Pros

1- Origin aside the Vision was well handled and the best new character that was introduced.

2-The depiction of how powerful Thor is was handled better than it has been even in the Thor movies.

3-The first woman super-hero with real powers hit the big screen and Scarlet Witch is allowed to kiss ass.

4- Quicksliver is well played and Aaron Taylor Johnson does a better job at playing him than Evan Peters.

5-The interpersonal relationship between Rogers and Stark is developed in a way that will easily lead to Civil War with out making one a good guy or bad guy.

6-The movie is well paced and never drags.

7- They introduced new characters without making the story feel overcrowded.

8-I liked the interaction Hawkeye had with the twins since they were on the team at the same time once the original lineup broke up.

9-I liked the set up for other movies like Black Panther and Infinity Wars. Klaw was a nice touch, particular what happen to him to further move his character forward. Who was this Cho woman, is she Amadeus' mother? I guess we also get a clear look at who is on Cap's team for Civil War if we are judging by the end.

10-It is also cooler if you catch this week's episode of Agents of Shield before seeing the movie because it sets you up for the first scene.

The Cons

1- I didn't like how the Hulk was handled in the movie, he seemed to take a back seat at time despite the spot light given in the fight between him and Iron-man, where the out come was questionable and not clearly explained, was he in mid transformation or not? I'm fine with the Hulk not being an Avenger, but if you are going to get my hopes up in the trailers and make it look like he is in the movie more than he is, some of this should have helped my con number four but it didn't.

2-Black Widow was given more to do but I am sure the feminists are going to cry out how  she is more focused on trying to hook up with Banner making her look like girl with daddy issues.

3-Scarlet Witch's mental state has always been fragile but making her her cowering after she had already handled the Avengers and knew how to use her powers why would she be afraid of robots? And her response to what happens to Quicksliver, should have really given you the chance to see how powerful she is ,  that should have been game over after she went almost berserk.

4-Number 7 of my pros I said the story did not feel over crowded, this is not true about what happened one screen. I think six Avengers at one time is enough. So when Quick Sliver and Scarlet witch showed up, Black Widow and I dunno Hawkeye, could have been captured or ko'ed or whatever.

5- The opening attack on the Hydra base looked and felt like a video game. The cgi did not help with this , I felt at times the Hulk had a more life like look on the first film.

6-Speaking of video games and over crowded fight scenes the combo moves they kept doing felt even more video game like and less like the comics. The interplay between Thor and Vision worked , but some of the other stuff with Thor and Cap or  Cap and pretty much anyone was silly.

7- In pro 9 I said I like how they set up the other movies, but why was Ant-man excluded from this? Also the credits scene is like one we saw in another movie, he just takes things into his own hands more here.

8-Where was Coulson?  I know he has other stuff going on and we saw Agents of Shield lead up to it but to have been instrumental in the first film he felt oddly absent.

9-The exception of pro number 7 was War-machine, he felt a little forced into things at time.

10-The running Captain America potty mouth joke got worn into the ground after the second time it came up, some of the humor didn't feel as natural as the first film.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Week In Marvel

Marvel is showing another week of improvements starting off with Superior Iron Man 7- I haven't hated the inverted Stark, now Pepper is doing something about it.  The sentient armor seems like what we saw in Hulk recently. Makes a little more sense. The art was on the better side of decent. The best drawn book with an "Avenger" in it was Thor # 7. Its no surprise that the Shield agent is Thor-girl. It was good seeing Thor-girl getting the crap beat out of her by the Destroyer. It was even better knowing that Odin was behind it and not happy about her having the hammer. Though this also leads itself into the biggest flaw in the story which is if Odin doesn't like it, he could just take her powers away. He even made Thor mortal once, so that would be like taking out the trash to de-power her if He wanted the hammer back. After all She did not earn it like Beta Ray Bill.

Ms. Marvel 14 seems like a rip off of the Agents of Shield story line. I am sure it was a meeting where every one was like"Ok, guys we have to start selling them on the fact mutant is a bad word since we don't own the screen rights to it and we are ret-conning Scarlet Witch and Quick Sliver so we need more Inhumans. In other little kid news ...Nova 29...Not a big fan a the little kid Nova, but the story was good enough to keep me reading, and the art is fun. In other cosmic messes caused by teen agers that weren't so fun Loki 13 was all-over the place. In keeping with the cosmic mess theme with children involved, Spider-man and the X-men 5 just had Venom's every where and little driving the ship.

Deathlok was the worst of the week 7 issues in and still nothing is happening? If you are stupid enough to waste your money on that book, then I can not feel sorry for you. Another book that was almost as bad but not quite is Captain America and the Mighty Avengers 7. I like Monica as a character would rather see her on a real Avenger's team. So any one who doesn't think I like diversity, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Avengers Vs 2 must be written for kids it was pretty silly and very cartoon like story line.

Kitty Pryde seems to be every where you look now Uncanny X-men 33, was full of her and Magick on Monster Island. The writer doesn't know Magik very well as all of a sudden she has super-strength to keep a thousand pounds of monster from pressing down on her.Kitty also shows up in Star Lord 11, her and Quill are a thing and that is as weird as Xander and Dawn. Quill is supposed to be a player, there are hotter X-Women he could have hooked up with. The art is not bad , but the Black Vortex "event" is another hyped event with no pay off. In other mutants Magneto 17, this book is hit or miss with me. I liked Nazi monster guy, hope they didn't kill him off already.Wolverines 14...This book keeps getting better the Blade cameo is a little forced, but the art was good. I am tired of Daken only having one arm and where did his tattoos go?

Another week closer to the flop waiting in the wings that will be known as Secret Wars.